Vics Fine Jewelry Tahitian 12.4 x 15.1 mm Pearl Pendant 14k Yellow Gold Enhancer

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as of 05/13/2021 (Details)

Length in Inches (Including the Bail) = 1.0 Inch Width in Inches = 0.49 of an inch Length in MM (Including the Bail) = 25.43 MM Width in MM = 12.4 MM Tahitian Pearls: These pearls are among the rarest of all pearls that are available found off the seas of Tahiti. Tahitian Pearls are natural color pearls that are very rare. They come in colors including black, grey, and green. Sizes range from 9mm to 15mm. The values of these pearls are generated from the rarity and quality. The qualities of the pearls are measured by the pearls luster, surface flaws, shape, color and size.

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