Sterling Silver Bead Ball Hypoallergenic Platinum-plated Stud Earrings NOT Stainless Steel 3 Pair Sets in Size 3-4-5mm for Women & Men’s Cartilage,Ears Piercing with Bigger Backs

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Keep the silver away from substances that will cause tarnish. Anything that contains sulfur will cause silver to tarnish. To prevent this from happening, keep your silver away from things like: -Sweat -Rubber and latex -Food items like mayonnaise, mustard, eggs, and onions -Wool -Lotions, creams, and beauty products Take your jewelry off. Since there are so many things that can tarnish silver, it's a good idea to remove your jewelry when you go swimming in chlorinated water or do household chores (to keep the silver away from the chemicals).Sunlight can also have an effect, so take your jewelry off any time you plan on spending time in the sun. Store your silver somewhere cool, dark, and dry. Moisture can cause silver to tarnish, so store your silver somewhere that isn't too hot or too damp. You can also keep camphor, silica gel packs, chalk, or activated charcoal to the storage area to help remove some of the moisture. Store silver away from direct and indirect sunlight to prevent the sun from causing it to tarnish. Wrap it up. To store silver, seal individual pieces in sealable plastic bags. Push out as much of the air as you can before closing the seal. This will prevent the other metals in the sterling silver from oxidizing.

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