Skyflying 2PCS Cotton Red Line Lucky Love Chain Kabbalah Adjustable Bracelet Ankle Chain Protection Faith Unisex

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as of 05/30/2023 (Details)

Helpful tips: hand-made, if the wire Separate , please slightly lit with lighter openings, pinched together.The item color might be slight different in the picture because of the lighting effect, pls in kind prevail! Package : 1 pair . Chinese believe that there is a fairy called yuelao use a red line  tied up  two single people, so two single people can be together.Just like with ancient Greek Cupid , is the fairy take charge of the marriage.  with time development , people who yearn for excellent love , try with diverse styles of red rope wear in hand, or ankles, in order to pray the love has come to a successful conclusion.                 At the same time, the red color is in the Chinese traditional festival bright color, often as a symbol of good luck.Wearing the red color of the rope is also people hope for good luck.  Red line has a variety of compilation method , king kong knot and flat knot  is the most common knot . Different ways of knot also has the different meaning .King kong knot contains the dharma, bless people won't be hurt .Flat knot means life smoothly . Choose the red line of jewelry, not only for their own good hope, is earnest blessing to others.this is the best gift, whether it's family, or friends, can express your feelings completely.Low prices, has a deep wishes and expectations, is the best and most valuable gift.

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