Quotable Cuffs Fall Seven Times Stand up Eight – Pewter for Men or Women By Whitney Howard Designs

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Accessorize your journey with Quotable Cuffs from Whitney Howard Designs Fall Seven Time STAND UP EIGHT is a great reminder of strength within us, and of the tenacity we possess. No challenge is too great. Strength * Love * Courage * Appreciation * Gratitude  These are just a few of the emotions you or your loved one will experience when wearing American made heartfelt jewelry by Whitney Howard Designs. About this cuff: circumference 6.25" not including the opening Width 1/4" Care and cleaning: While pewter does not tarnish, frequent wear can make it appear darker, especially in the low spots. Most of the time cleaning the piece with Dawn dish soap and warm water, followed by thoroughly drying it with a soft cloth, will do the trick. Never use a stiff brush on pewter, or silver polish.  Fit: Fits most wrists, especially 5.5" and larger. Pewter is malleable and can be gently adjusted to size, however this cuff is possibly too large for very petite wrists. Do not twist or overly bend the cuff to prevent damage. Our guarantee: If the cuff doesn't not fit, return within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. If there are any defects in the first year, contact us directly for a full refund or replacement. We stand behind our product with confidence and pride and want the owners of our hand crafted pieces to fully enjoy their purposeful jewelry. So with this guarantee, go forth and WEAR WHAT INSPIRES YOU.  

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