Ostan Men’s Double Head Dragon Bracelet Adjustable Stainless Steel Sliver Cuff Cool Polished

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as of 12/04/2023 (Details)

Why is such a low price and quality is the same as 17.99 $ We are wayward, we are grateful to find our products to consumers, to send a lucky, so they can greet happy Christmas and New Year Stainless steel jewelry is a kind of metal jewelry is very special, the texture is very tough, but very resistant to corrosion, it will not be like silver will be black, not like copper jewelry allergies, but not as alloy jewelry because of lead and toxic. This stainless steel jewelry inspired by "How To Train Your Dragon", choose stainless steel on behalf of friendship forever, it does not tarnish, but sturdy, stainless steel double-headed dragon for wearing jewelry between good friends and good brothers, two-headed dragon surrounded by constantly intertwined, representing each have a heart to each other, go out with friends to wear very cool and has a army feel. So please do not hesitate to find your Dragon Friends

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