Newstone Kyoto Made Juzu Buddhist Prayer Beads Rosary, Honnenju, Honjuzu,@tsuge Wood with 100% Silk Tassel Shingon-shu Type [ Made in Kyoto]

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SHINGON-SHU Honnenju This type can be used for men or women. Specifications Size: Shakuni Material: Parent bead( Oyadama) = approx. 11x13mm beads Main bead( Omodama) = approx. 7x8mm beads, Tendama 2 beads= approx.6x7mm, Tassel ( Fusa ) Style= Odamaki fusa, Tassel color: Brown **Please note because of the nature of natural stone and wooden beads, the beads size mentioned above is an approximate measurement. In Buddhism, we have 108 desires. So Juzu consist of 108 balls (called Omodama). And Juzu is including other balls, Oyadama, Deshidama, Tsuyudama and Shitendama."

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