MOJO JEWELRY Mood Ring Changing Color for Adults Antique Sterling Silver Vintage Statement Rings Women RS019

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❤FINE PRODUCT QUALITY -All the products are plated at Neo Glory plating department in real antique sterling silver and sprayed with protective coating. Products look the same as antique sterling silver. Plating color is long lasting. -All mood stones are 100% handmade. Each mood stone can last for more than 3 years if handled with care. -The main material of the ring base and pendant is safe zinc alloy, and complies with CPSIA and EU standards. ❤MAGIC COLOR CHANGE Each mood stone changes color based on different temperature; Each color represents a differnt mood. ❤CAUTIONS -Please keep products away from water. Mood stone will lose it's function if submerged in water. -Please use with care. Avoid dropping on the ground or bumping onto hard objects. The handmade mood stones are fragile. -All mood stones are 100% handmade. It is normal if part of the product does not change color evenly. ❤AFTER-SALE SERVICE -Please feel free to let us know if you have any problem using our product, we will give corresponding reply in 48 hours and get you 100% satisfied. -You have the right of getting a supplement new parcel if we sent you the wrong product. Please contact us if we made a mistake. ❤CUSTOMER REVIEWS Your great customer reviews will be our motivation of supplying better product and service. Please give positive comment if you like us and share some product pictures if you would. Please share your joys with your friends and family members! MOJO JEWELRY IS ALWAYS BRINGING YOU THE BEST MOODS!

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