Luckenbooth Pewter Brooch

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This antiqued brooch has been produced in fine Pewter for you. The name of this type brooch is a Luckenbooth. This pin is perfect to pin a shawl or scarf. This is a large, well made piece of hand crafted pewter. It was hand cast in solid, lead-free, jeweler's pewter. The pin is 1 1/2" X 2". There is a great amount of detail in this brooch which makes this very decorative and traditional looking. The findings are hand soldered and the finish on this piece makes it look antique. One story relates that the Luckenbooth brooches are so called because they were sold from locked booths in the Royal Mile, adjacent to St. Giles Cathedral Edinburgh. This type of love token seems to go back to at least the 1600s. Luckenbooths were traditionally exchanged between lovers on betrothal. They were also sometimes pinned to the shawl of the first baby to protect it from evil spirits. They are probably the most romantic type of brooch in Scotland's history, hence their enduring appeal. This type brooch even came to America and simple forms of this brooch were cut from coins and used for trade among the Eastern Woodland Indians. If you do historical re enacting or just enjoy Scottish traditions, this is a perfect piece to purchase for yourself or a loved one.

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