LMXXV 7 Color/Set Customize Medical Alert ID Rubber Silicone Emergency SOS Wristband Bracelet for Unisex,7.5″

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PEOPLE WITH THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS SHOULD WEAR A MEDICAL ID JEWELRY: - Alzheimer's,Autism/Special Needs Children - Blood Disorders - Blood Thinners - Diabetes - Dementia - Drug Allergies (i.e. Penicillin, morphine, sulfa) - Emphysema/Breathing Disorders - Epilepsy/Seizures - Food Allergies - Hearing - Vision or mentally impaired - Heart Disease - Insect Allergies - Kidney Disease - Pulmonary Conditions - Sickle Cell Anemia - Surgery - Transplant - Cancer patients... IDEAL INFORMATION TO INCLUDE ON MEDICAL ALERT ID: *Your First and Last Name *Medical Condition(s) *Treatment Considerations *Food and Drug Allergies *ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contact Phone Number with area code BENEFITS OF WEARING MEDICAL ID JEWELRY INCLUDE: ·A prompt and effective diagnosis that greatly assists proper treatment; ·The ability to have a contact reached in an emergency; ·The prevention of misdiagnosis which can lead to harmful medical errors or unnecessary treatment.

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