LIEBLICH Black Round Stud Earrings Set Stainless Steel Ear Studs for Men Women 6 Pairs 3mm-8mm … (Black)

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as of 12/04/2023 (Details)

Nice change to the every day 6 pairs stud earrings set for women and men Size varies from 3mm-8mm Advantages of Using Surgical Steel EarringsNot all earrings are suitable for everyone to wear. Those with nickel content can irritate people with sensitive skin. For these reasons, surgical steel earrings are the best alternative. They are rustproof, durable, inexpensive, and above all, safe to use. Suitable for most people Surgical steel is an ideal mixture of elements such as iron and chromium. Earrings with nickel content can irritate the skin. Skin irritations can lead to infection, which can cause discoloration, permanent scars, and even, disfigurement. These can be prevented with the use of surgical steel earrings for sensitive ears. They are more durable than gold or silver Unlike gold, silver, or other kinds of metal, surgical steel cannot be easily bent by a wearer's fingertips nor can they get quickly scratched. Surgical steel earrings are rust proof Since surgical steel consists of chromium, it is resistant to rust. Earrings with surgical steel posts can be worn always and will last for a long time, allowing wearers to save money on buying more expensive earrings. They are inexpensive and available Surgical steel earrings are inexpensive compared to other earrings. Surgical steel earrings are affordable and are available in just about any fashion store. They also come in just about any size, shape, and design so those who love to wear earrings will find some that will match their taste.

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