JOIA DE MAJORCA, 14mm 18 inch Slate/Silver Multi-Hues Pearl Necklace, Rhodium Euro Clasp, Lustrous, Man-Made Organic Strand of Pearls from Majorca Spain

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as of 12/07/2023 (Details)

ABOUT US: In the small town of Manacor, on the island of Majorca, Spain, each organic man-made pearl is carefully crafted with a skill that has become a rare art. Throughout the entire delicate process, meticulous attention is given to every detail to assure superior standards of quality and beauty. First, the nucleus is introduced, which has the same appearance and weight as those in the finest cultured pearls. Then, mimicking the oyster's own process, the nucleus is exposed to a layering process using a component derived from marine and natural materials from the Mediterranean Sea. The natural appearance of luster and iridescence created by this process is secured by a special final layer that assures durability and resistance against harmful agents.

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