JFUME Two Tone Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Natural Pain Relief For Arthritis and Joint Pain Women 7.5″

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(1) Effective Pain Relief Without Medication! This special IPG coloured magnetic Bracelet contains high-powered magnets, each offering 3000 gauss in strength, embedded into the Bracelet for maximum comfort. After capping, the strength of each magnet may vary from approx 2000-2800g, delivering in excess of 15,000 gauss in total. Manufactured to a very high standard (2) It should be worn at the wrist as this is the position that offers the most benefit, and can be made to fit perfectly by gently squeezing or opening. (3) The Bracelet also comes in it's own stylish jewelry box, making it a beautiful inexpensive gift you will be proud to give to someone you care about, and who loves great quality jewelry. (4)Benefit From The Healing Power of Magnets! - Eases joint stiffness by improving blood circulation, opening the flow of blocked energy and detoxifying the body - Reduces inflammation due to the improved blood flow - Places the body in the best environment possible for it to heal itself - Helps the body to produce more endorphins, which are natural painkillers - Improves sleep and general wellbeing due to the relief from pain This Bracelet is currently available at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME.

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