Illusionist Locket Unique Magic Butterfly Wood Pendant By Illusion Lockets

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as of 02/28/2024 (Details)

The locket contains 10 magnets that either repel or attract to magically transform the locket from the oval to the heart position. All rotation mechanism parts are brass or stainless steel. The bail is made of Argentium Sterling Silver. Butterfly components are inlayed into the wood. They are approximately 0.04" (1 mm) thick and will not wear off. The locket is made of dyed laminated birch wood subjected to tremendous heat and pressure in a phenolic resin. The result is a very dense hard stable waterproof material that polishes to a beautiful finish. Made by: Illusion Lockets LLC, in Idaho USA. Patent #8,291,726 You can twist and open the lockets all you want without fear of them breaking, wearing out or becoming loose. Each locket contains 10 magnets that snap the locket together in a magical way as you rotate it between the oval and heart shape and close it after viewing the pictures. Our lockets will not partially twist while you are wearing them because the magnets lock them into position. They are also self aligning and don't require you to fiddle with them to get them in the exact position to be able to transform them. Each locket contains 5 positioning balls that work in conjunction with the 5 pair of magnets to exactly position the locket pieces together for smooth reliable transformation. Each locket is hand assembled, sanded and polished requiring many hours of labor. We have been selling these lockets for over 7 years and with over 3600 sales they have proven to be very robust and reliable. We stand behind them with a 2 year warranty and they should last for generations. You can buy our lockets with confidence knowing that they will not break and are proven in the field. Warning: This locket contains magnets and may have an effect on the operation of a pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator or similar device. Consult with your physician before wearing if you have one of these devises.

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