HLZG Kujo Jotaro Brooch 2 Pieces/Set Jojos Bizarre Adventure Brooch Pins Round and square in Kujo Jotaro hat

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Commodity packaging: independent OPP bag packaging, anti-friction, anti-oxidation 1. Avoid chemicals Contact with acidic substances and chemicals such as soap, soap, stereotyped water, bleaching water, hot water, sea water, etc. should be avoided. 2. Not to wear while sleeping Wearing ornaments to sleep can hinder the circulation of the body and is harmful to metabolism. 3. Should not be worn when sweating in sports Because of salt and acid secretion in sweat, avoid contact with acid. Acidity will cause chemical reaction on the surface of jewelry and lose luster. 4. Don not wear it in the bath Because soap, hot water and so on are used in bathing, jewelry should be avoided contact with acid substances and chemicals. 5. Avoid collision. When storing crystals properly, it is advisable to store each crystal ornament separately. It is better to wrap it in a small flannel bag to prevent collision and friction between crystals and other objects or crystals. 6. Wipe the ornaments with a soft cloth After each wear, dilute the detergent with warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth to clean the perspiration and dust remaining on the surface of the jewelry, and then air-dry to keep the jewelry clean and bright.

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