GEM DE LUXE 1.25ct 2.3mm Band Width F-G Color Moissanite Eternity Wedding Band Platinum Plated Silver for Women

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Q: Why does the ring make your finger green? A: 1. It is because of reaction between acidic substances in the skin and ring metal, for example, reaction between detergent and ring metal 2. There are other metallic materials in the ring, as time goes by, it is normal for it to discolour 3. Sweat can corrode metal and make it discolored, remove it if you play sports Q: How to maintain its original color longer? A: 1. Avoid contact with acidic or alkaline substances 2. Avoid collision to resist surface wear 3. Avoid contact with perfume, hand washing, shampoo or other harmful chemicals to its shine 4. Avoid wearing it while taking a shower or sleeping

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