Fun Jewels Vintage Style Antique Sterling Silver Plating Brass Oval Stone Color Change Mood Ring Size Adjustable

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● This is a beautiful Victorian style oval Mood Ring. ● The ring is made of brass, and is a fantastic alternative to gold, as it is more affordable and still look beautiful!● The Mood Stone measures 10mm(W) x 14mm(L). The ring top measures 15mm(W) x 25mm(L). ● The Mood Stone is super thermo sensitive, and changes in a cycle of vivid colors from Black -> Brown -> Amber -> Green -> Blue -> Violet, and also many in between colors! ● The ring has an adjustable band, the smallest is at Size 6.5 (inner diameter 17mm), and can be pull open to fit a Size 9.5 (inner diameter 19.4mm) the largest. ● The ring comes with a nice gift box and a color chart. ● A great gift to yourself, your family, your friends, or to someone you love! ● Mood Ring Caring Tips: * To keep your Mood Jewelry in good condition for years, please do not submersing Mood Jewelry in water, or storing/placing them in extremely hot/cold condition. * Keep them away from harsh chemicals likes perfume or lotion. * Take them off when taking a shower or swimming * Wipe them clean with a cloth after wearing

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