Edward Mirell Jewelry Collection Titanium and Sterling Silver Brushed and Polished Infinity Ring by Roy Rose Jewelry ~ Size 12

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as of 10/03/2023 (Details)

Edward Mirell designs are created with titanium certified with a purity exceeding 99%.This element is not only hypoallergenic, it is extraordinarily biocompatible. In many cases it is the only metallic solution for consumers that are sensitive to conventional jewelry materials.Titanium's biocompatibility makes it the metal of choice in the medical industry as a component for the artificial heart, joint replacement parts and various other applications.It is corrosion and scratch resistant and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element.LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Edward Mirell fine jewelry has a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty that extends to the original consumer purchase. In the event of any defects in the materials or workmanship, the manufacturer will repair or replace it with a design of equal or greater value. This warranty does not cover loss, damage caused by abuse, or damages exceeding the cost of the product. Limitations of damage may not apply as restrictions vary depending upon the state. This warranty service is available by returning your purchase to the authorized Edward Mirell retailer ~ Roy Rose Jewelry. Edward Mirell stands behind their products. Since the bands cannot be sized we offer a Ring for Life Program. For a processing fee of $35 if the consumer grows out of the size of their original purchase, we will replace the band.

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