Dolceoro Customized Medical Alert Links – Stainless Steel Italian Modular Charm Link Style

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as of 12/07/2023 (Details)

Dolceoro Medical Alert ID Link, Italian Modular Link Style Charm. ••• Dolceoro Modular Links: Modular Links mean that you would be able to take off or add individual link (Charm) from or to your medical alert. This enables you to change your medical condition in future if and when your condition changes. You could personalize or customize your medical Alert ID with your unique medical condition. This technology “Stretchable Links” gives elasticity and comforts you need. ••• Laser Engraving: Engraving is in permanent black color with deep impression over satin surface of stainless steel. Writings are clear and detailed. Your Medical Alert ID could help and lead to a proper and faster care for you in case of an emergency situation. Majority of the medical professionals, doctors, and emergency responders are trained to look for Medical Alerts such as this! There are no chemicals used, therefore it will not fade. Just make sure to remove any cloth lint from its surface (use a scotch tape). ••• Sizes & Fitting: This medical Alert ID Charm is standard size 9mm. All 9mm Italian charm links have the same width and are interchangeable with each other. They are connected by similar interlocking mechanism. Please view online videos if you are not familiar with these Italian Modular Charm Links.

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