Chrysmela Catch Hypoallergenic High Tech Earring Back

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as of 08/14/2022 (Details)

Have you ever lost an earring? Chrysmela high-tech earring back can help this from happening again! Based on proven, patented technology, Chrysmela locks onto everty type of earrings with posts between 0.6-1.1mm in diameter. Most earring posts are 0.7-0.9mm. These backs reduce the risk of losing one of your fine earnings and suffering a broken heart for its loss. You can gain this peace of mind with just one Chrysmela revolutionary catch that secures even the heaviest of your earrings! Proven track record since 2008. The backs are made in the "Switzerland of Japan" with precision, care and technology processes found in fine watches and smart-phones. Perfectly smooth, elegant finish inside and out - no snag, no harsh grip or no dent marks on posts of your precious earrings. Chrysmela Catches are available in Platinum, 24K Yellow or Rose Gold. Surgical stainless steel internal mechanism.

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