AMBERAGE Natural Baltic Amber Stretch Bracelet for Women – Hand Made from Polished/Certified Baltic Amber Beads(Multi)

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This multi colored amber bracelet is handmade from a great selection of natural Baltic amber, including rare, therefore high value, white amber. White amber is also called Royal or a bone amber. One of white amber features is that very often it blends with other color amber, making beautiful contrasts and unique patters which you can see in this bracelet too. Amber beads are strung in a certain order: one looping fragment that has colors organized in order from lightest to darkest. Each and every amber was carefully hand grinded therefore beads lay next to one another beautifully. One bead side is half round and another one is completely flat. Hand polished amber bead surface is smooth and shiny. Amber are strung flat side inwards on two parallel strong elastic bands, therefore bracelet fits comfortably, maintains the perfect shape and is easy to put on. Condition: Brand New; Colour: Multi; Length: 19cm ;Weight of each bracelet is 9-11 grams; This item will come with a FREE Gift box. ABOUT BALTIC AMBER JEWELRY Amber is a natural gemstone, which is formed naturally from ancient trees over many years' time. Healing properties of Baltic Amber were acknowledged many years ago. For this reason Amber was used not only for making jewelry, but also for medical purposes too. Today health benefits of Baltic Amber are explained by high Succinic Acid content found in this natural resin. This acid is associated with health benefits like pain relief, immune system enhancement, anti-inflammation, stress relief and others. Due to so many properties of Succinic Acid, Amber is also believed to be beneficial for health when it is worn close to the skin. Legal Disclaimer ***Note: The piece in the product image for this item is for illustration only. There is no two identical items and every single one is unique. The photo just represents exact setting style and type of amber used. Computer Monitor Settings of individuals can also affect the color of the photos.***

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